Shima Shahd

Shima Shahd has run new production line in Turkmenistan

Simultaneously with the beginning of the new year, Shima Shahd Company succeeded in launching a new production line of fruit juice and drink in the factory of a member of Shima Shahd Group in Mari, Turkmenistan. This factory is one of the largest factories in the city of Mari, which has been producing glass jelly for more than three years, and after that it was set up with new products including fruit juice and noshmak with fully automatic lines installed by the technical team of Shima Shahd Company. And concluded. After the unremitting efforts of Iranian and Chinese engineers, this project was put into operation today with a nominal capacity of 20,000 units per hour, and it is hoped that in less than a year, it will be able to achieve a 30% increase in production capacity. Shima Shahd Company is proud that another factory of this group has reached significant development in the Middle East region.

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