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More marketing in the Middle East

Shima Shahd has always been active in the Middle East market for the past twenty-five years, and its activities are very colorful in the countries of this region. We are very strong in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Oman and we are trying to expand the markets of countries like Emirate, Qatar, Kuwait,Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan and have a stronger presence in We have these markets.

These markets are very important to us and this year we are trying to improve our relationship with our customers in this area to have a better result in these markets. We provide good service to customers in the Middle East and respond to any needs in the fastest time. Our offices in Tehran and Dubai are focused on increasing customer service in the Middle East. We are ready to work with any team that develops these services to increase sales of products and machinery.

We are by your side to develop this market in Middle Eastern countries. We serve the world’s best products and machines from Europe and East Asia, and the markets of Turkish, Arabic and Persian countries are very important for Shima Shahd Group of Companies.