Shima Shahd
2022 min

In 2022, we will respond to customer needs with more capacity

Shima Shahd Commercial Group is trying to increase its service capacity in every way in the coming year. That’s why all the factories in this group put increasing production and productivity on their agenda, and we have hired new staff to increase the speed of our other services. The group is working to increase its sites in the Middle East and Central Asia, thus expanding the scope of our services, and we can support a wider range of customers every day. To support your requests, we improve this group every day so that we can provide you with more services. We are ready to cooperate with you for any request. Our offices in Dubai, Tehran and Istanbul are ready to serve you.

We are also trying to strengthen our transportation service and we are trying to improve the ways of importing and exporting products from different sources.

Today, we have strengthened the operation of land and sea transportation lines so that the products needed by customers can reach our customers in a shorter time and at a better price.

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